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Dabur Lal Tail


 GENERIC NAME:- Ayurvedic
 COMPANY:- Dabur
 PACKING:- 60 ml
 TYPE:- Massage Oil
 USES:- Child Care
 Description:-Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic baby massage oil made using the time-tested Ayurvedic ingredients that have many proven benefits for the Baby. Its massage helps in strengthening baby’s bones and muscles and is proven safe and effective for overall physical growth of babies. In the research, it was clearly proven that babies who were massaged daily with Dabur Lal Tail in comparison with no massage experienced 2 times faster increase in weight and height. Clinical Research further proved the positive effects of Dabur Lal Tail massage in inducing better sleeping pattern in neonates and infants, which is very important for a baby’s development..

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