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 GENERIC NAME:- Torsemide
 COMPANY:- Cipla
 STRENGTH:- 5mg / 10 mg / 20 mg
 PACKING:- 1x10
 TYPE:- Tablet
 USES:- Diuretic Medication
 Description:-Dytor 10 mg tablet is used in the treatment of fluid retention (edema), heart failure, increased blood pressure and hypercalcemia (increased calcium levels in blood). Dytor 10 mg tablet lowers the swelling by removing the levels of excess water and electrolytes in the body.
 Expert Advice:-
  • Inform your doctor about the other medications that you are taking, especially if they are drugs for controlling blood pressure or diabetes, or if you are taking corticosteroids
  • Continue taking the medicine even if you start feeling well. Do not stop taking the drug without consulting your doctor.
  • Check your blood pressure one week after starting the drug and consult your doctor if it has not improved.
  • Do not take torasemide if you are allergic to it or to drugs of the sulfonylurea class used to treat diabetes (e.g. glibenclamide, glipizide).
  • Avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated during exercise and in hot weather.
  • Consult your doctor before taking this drug if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
 Side Effects:-Dehydration, Decreased potassium level in blood, Decreased magnesium level in blood, Increased blood uric acid, Hearing loss

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