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 GENERIC NAME:- Eflornithine
 STRENGTH:- 13.9mg
 PACKING:- 15gm
 TYPE:- Cream
 USES:- Womens Health
 Description:-Eflora 13.9% w/w cream is used in the treatment of facial hirsutism.It stops the activity of a chemical involved in the production of hair on the face.
 Expert Advice:-
  • Do not apply eflornithine cream within 5 minutes of using any hair removal technique such as waxing or shaving or on broken or inflamed skin as it may cause irritation.
  • Do not wash the affected area within 4 hours of application of the cream.
  • Do not apply make-up or Sun Pharmascreen on the affected area for at least 5 minutes after application of eflornithine cream.
  • Apply the cream on freshly cleaned and dried skin as directed by the physician. Keep an interval of 8 hours between each application of cream.
  • Avoid contact of the cream with the eyes or nose or any other part of the body other than the intended area.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any discomfort e.g. irritation with use of the eflornithine cream
  • Do not discontinue the treatment without consulting your physician as the hair growth may resume after stopping the treatment.
  • Donot take if allergic to eflornithine or to any ingredient in the medicine. Do not consume if Pregnant or breastfeeding women or women below 18 years of age.
 Side Effects:-Acne, Itching, Erythema, Hair loss, Burning discomfort, Stinging sensation, Dry skin, Rash, Tingling sensation, Irritation, Hair follicle inflammation

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