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 GENERIC NAME:-  Zincoxide Panthenol Cetylated Fatty Ester
 COMPANY:- Dr. Reddy
 STRENGTH:- 30 gm/ 50 gm
 PACKING:- 1x1
 TYPE:- Cream
 USES:- Child Care
 Description:-Ezinapi Cream is a perfect blend of Cetyl myristoleate, Zinc oxide, D-panthenol. It is a clinically tested formulation recommended for use as an emollient for diaper rash. Benefits of key ingredients:Cetyl Myristoleate is chemically a fatty acid that is found to reduce inflammation. Additionally it is being tested for treating other diseases as well. D-panthenol, a vitamin by nature is known by several names such as Pantothenic acid/ Vitamin B5. With multiple benefits to its name, it is used in creams to fight itching, promoting healing, stings, bites and rashes as well. Zinc Oxide serves as an emollient for the skin and provides a protection layer to the skin surface. It acts as a barrier for the skin and does not allow external agents to harm the skin directly. Additionally it also has astringent and soothing protective properties.

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