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Prega news


 GENERIC NAME:- Pregnancy test kit
 COMPANY:- Mankind
 PACKING:- 1x1
 TYPE:- Kit
 USES:- Womens Health
 Description:-Prega news Pregnancy Kit Contains: 1 card 1 dropper Silica granules
 Expert Advice:-
  • The Prega News Pregnancy Patch uses a sera reagent that will detect HCG content in a woman’s urine, indicating whether a woman is pregnant or not. These patches use silica granules to absorb the moisture from the urine so the card will be more accurate and the sera reagent will not be spoiled all that easily. Directions for use:
  • 1. Collect first morning urine in a clean container
  • 2. Draw some amount of specimen in a clean dropper
  • 3. Keep the pregnancy test device handy
  • 4. Dispense 3 drops of specimen in to the sample well
  • 5. Wait for 5 minutes for an accurate result
  • Interpretation of Results:Positive: Two pink bands appear on the test device.
  • Negative: One pink-coloured band appears on the test device.Invalid: If one line is dark and the other is light then that means there was not enough HCG in the urine to make a certain analysis, thus requiring the patient to repeat the test the next day.

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