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Taxim O


 GENERIC NAME:- Cefixime
 COMPANY:- Alkem
 STRENGTH:- 200 mg
 PACKING:- 1x10
 TYPE:- Tablet
 USES:- Antibiotics
 Description:-Taxim o 200 mg tablet is used in the treatment of bacterial infections. It is an antibiotic. It kills the bacteria by attacking their cell wall. Specifically, it prevents the synthesis of a substance in the cell wall called peptidoglycan, which provides the cell wall with the strength required for survival of bacteria in human body.
 Expert Advice:-
  • Take precaution when taking the medicine if you have liver or kidney disease or history of anemia.
  • Take the tablets with a glass of water with or without food or milk. Do not crush or chew the tablets.
  • The medicine works best if taken with the meal or within 30 minutes of a meal.
  • Do not take the medicine if you are allergic to it or to any type of cephalosporin or penicillin drugs.
  • Do not take the medicine if you have an allergic reaction (rash, swallowing or breathing problems, swelling of lips, face, tongue, and throat).
  • Do not give the medicine to a child less than 6 months of age.
 Side Effects:-Nausea, Diarrhoea, Allergic reaction

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